Top 7 Trends for Summer 2021

Top 7 Trends for Summer 2021

Days are joyfully spring-ing into summer. As days are getting warmer and brighter  the urge for seasonal shopping also grows. And how else after the lasting “pajamas dress code" enforced by the “lockdown” summer of the previous year? With growing hope that pandemic abates, the excitement of upgrading summer wardrobe resides in our minds!

As some of the designer brands have already opted in for offline runway shows and others choose to share their collections online, it is time to plunge into seasonal shopping to gear up with the mood and spirits of the weather. But prior to dashing into shopping, we suggest looking through the seasonal trends suggested by the top brands around the world to stay on top of trends and style.

Pale colors blooming into cheerful shades

After the hard period of uncertainty and instability, 2021 promises rebirth!  This season is all about enjoying the full palette of life. Hence the lively hues of lavender and yellow, green and blue inspire positivity and progress, enbrighten this season, spreading lightness and airiness to the spring-summer season!

It is noteworthy that this season monochrome looks come to the spotlight as well and silhouettes covered with the same colors from head to toe come to prevail! The recent edits of Emporio Armani and Balmain can be a true inspiration for monochrome looks addicts. Choose the right shades and spice it up with the right accessories and your gorgeous and stunning looks will be ensured!

Extra volumes for airy looks

Hyper-volumes have become an emphasized trend in a number of designer lines-including Valentino, Emporio Armani, for the upcoming season. Voluminous sleeves on jackets, coats, vests, loose-fitting items, such as fluffy dresses and shirts, buffer shoulders, wide-leg jeans come to create an air of comfort and freedom. The interpretation volumes gained this season are a true ode to the sophistication and love of freedom of the wearer, meanwhile a feminine accent on the fragility of the wearer.

Crop tops to accent femininity

Ideal when paired with high-rise trousers, boyfriend jeans  or long flying skirts and layered with masculine blazers, crop tops are trending this season. Such looks are a unique combination of strength and boldness and create favorable contrast to highlight femininity. Crop tops of different styles and lengths to complement different body shapes and make the perfect essentials for daytime and evening looks are in the spotlight to guarantee your joyful, body-positive summer and add cool and edgy air to your looks.

Fringes dangling everywhere

Fringes in all their familiar and unexpected interruptions continue to conquer the wardrobes of fashionistas! From boots to bags, from earrings to dresses; you can meet fringes everywhere. 
Meanwhile, fringes are compatible with different styles and moods. Choose darker hues for more elegant occasions or go bold with colors to create head-turning looks! It's all up to you!

Add comfy trendiness to your looks 

From natural shades to bright colors, from retro-style comeback to futuristic details and everything in between, it seemed to be covered in the fashion weeks in terms of shoe trends. Versace peppered high platform sandals with bright decors, Giorgio Armani featured glittering crystals while Valentino introduced Rockstud sandals with oversized studs, Versace combined the high platform and flashy decor. 

All in all, micro heels and platform sandals grabbed the bulk of attention and were featured by Valentino, Prada, Burberry, and others addressing those who prefer to stay trendy and off ground. These items grant the possibility of combining an elegant appearance with comfort. 

Flip flops down the city

Despite the fact that these flip flops have been long associated with beach fashion, now they are down the city! More often these items are more puffed in shapes and have thicker soles to balance the beachy looks and to boost comfort and style!

Layering in accessories to up the style game

Even the most fashionable clothes cannot be quite harmonious and complete without the final touch of jewelry and accessories! And this season the use of accessories goes beyond! The trend of SS21 encourages mixing and matching the accessories of different shapes and textures to elevate your summer looks! And may the new combinations of seemingly mismatching colors, shapes, and lengths create a more comprehensive look. In the upcoming season, the use of scarves is also rising. If not for adding another layer to your looks, scarves might be used as headbands and or a supplement to handbags as well.

Spring-Summer 2021 seasonal trends come to highlight that this time of year is all about the optimistic mood, bright colors, and unusual details! Dive into the sea of optimistic moods and emotions with the trendy items presented by fashion houses and may the season be as positive as your looks.


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