Spring Trends 2020

Spring Trends 2020

Hot Pants are going to be really hot this season, just try to balance out those shorts with puffed or long sleeves adding denim or e.g. suede jacket on top. (like the first two photos by RED Valentino).


Bright “highlighting marker colors” will lead you to the “big entrances” and “exits”. Make a statement with acid colors like shown on the 3rd and 4th photos of McQ and Emporio Armani.


60s Wallpaper trends continue to rule in the Spring outfits, grab some images from your grandparents’ wall-cases, shown in shirts and dresses with floral accents. Like the ones on 5th & 6th photos.


Le Polka Dots will remain essential in the Spring’s wardrobe, the best example shown in Polo Ralph Lauren shirt-dress.

The tropical getaway trend will allow us to bring the summer-dreaming vacation outfits to the city and complete the transitional looks. Versace Jeans Couture is here for that.

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