Summer Street Style 2021

Summer Street Style 2021

Street style is one of the most complex directions of the fashion industry. While fashion designers introduce trends and fashion solutions every season, real fashion enthusiasts, like you, in different sets of the world, creatively mix and match the introduced trends to create their unique street style. And as a result, the street style we witness from fashion megacities like Paris, New York, London to little towns, substantially differ from what seen on the catwalks. 

How else, if every passer-by can end up wearing one of the infinite, unique and unrepeatable mix and match possibilities one's creativity comes up with. And while this direction of fashion is a unique means of emphasizing one’s individuality, there are a bunch of core trends and motives to be grasped on the streets that are the result of the influence of Fashion HousesHereby we present some key fashion trends that are mainstream for street style in spring-summer 2021.

The base note of the street style that is always in trend is comfort- at its most different interpretations - from bold combinations to relaxed styling. On the way to creating comfortable yet trendy street style looks the below-presented combination of Red Valentino point d'esprit tulle pants combined with a light summer overcoat in a lighter hue is just perfect. Meanwhile, the bold low-top sneakers from Balmain with eye-catching metallic inserts add an air of comfort and edge to the total look and Marc Jacobs handbags add a final touch to the look.

When it comes to colors and fabrics, what we see on the streets is the prevalence of monochrome looks. And the truth is, monochrome outfits can append a supreme touch of elegance and sophistication to any personality, provided that the looks are combined correctly. Hence monochrome can be an unimpaired exit to everyday and formal looks.

Different hues of the same color, as well as a combination of different fabrics complemented with accessories, maybe the secret to creating impressive looks. The below-presented street style look is the ideal combination of rich beige color shades and is enhanced with a leather handbag and narrow belt with fine metal detailing.

The use of blazers is quite trendy in SS21 street style as well. The shape and colors of the blazers cover all the extremes-from oversize voluminous blazers that highlight the femininity of the wearer to the cropped colored ones. 

Blazer is also a wonderful universal item of clothing that is easily combined with denim classic pants, dressed and skirts. If the ever-trendy combination of blue jeans and white t-shirt is the most common fuse seen on the streets of the world, why not investing a T-shirt with an iconic print from Burberry or Emporio Armani?

No street style look can be deemed finite without accessories. It is the details that help you to stand out with your style. Even the simplest “jeans and T-shirt” combination can acquire unique and stunning charm if paired with stylish statement shoes - be pumps, flip flops, or sneakers. Handbags are yet another chance to add charm to your looks. This season a covetable assortment of all the sizes and varieties of bags are a true source of self-expression. Dive into the variety of seeing from micro bags to Sportmax bags of pale and bright colors, plain or decorated with ruffles, lace, sequins, meet moon-shaped neon bags, and uncover your style and personality!

Belts? Headwear? Sunglasses? Yes please! Grab a belt of lengths that favors your body shapes and outline your silhouette, for belts and ideally complement the voluminous outfit and add a headwear to make images complete and unrepeatable. As for the sunglasses, all you need to know is the fact the summer trends of 2021 favor ones with lighter glasses.

Rely on a harmonious choice of textures, colors, and fabrics for your trendy street style looks, and be sure to feel comfortable and confident with your looks- that the key to standing out this summer.

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