Top accessories for summer 2021

Top accessories for summer 2021

No matter how carefully you chose your garments, the last word always belongs to the accessories to complete your looks. Being an integral part of any harmonious look as a finishing touch or a focal point, accessories may elevate summer looks or break it. An improperly selected jewel can decrease the attractiveness of the look, while a designer bag may add an extra charm to the entire look.

Meanwhile, the choice of accessories is not only a supreme means of conveying liveliness to the whole character but also a unique way of expressing one’s personality. Before you will hurry to make your seasonal shopping, here we suggest checking the list of top summer accessories that are trendy for the summer of 2021 and will add a perfect accent to your standout summer looks.

Voluminous pendants

The trend of massive pendants burst into fashion last year and is still at the peak of its popularity, totally conquering the trend when less was considered more. The spotlight belongs to the voluminous chains and pendants. Heavy, chunky chains are just perfect to highlight feminine fragility by means of creating favorable contrasts.

Overall, as we have already stated in our previous blogs, the
trend of voluminous items prevails this season and the influence can be seen in clothing items as well. The most popular combination of such chunky chains is when coined with monochrome shirts.

Silk scarves

Another thriving trend of the season is the abundant use of silk scarves. Being super versatile items, design experiments with the scarves seem to cover all the possible extremes. Scarves can be worn as headbands, on the top of the bags, or around the neck․ Scarves matching in fabric and design with the designer ensembles as well as ones with contrasting and colorful prints can be found on the summer collections. You can experiment with skinny Burberry scarves to vivid and luxurious items by Aspinal of London.


When it comes to the bags, it should be noticed that an ocean of size diversity is presented by diverse fashion houses: meet the variety from super tiny handbags with hardly enough space for a smartphone up to super-huge items and all in between.

Another thing designers are widely experimenting with this year is the shape of the bags- non - ordinary square or circle shapes have now retreated as items with sharp and edgy lines have been established as new must-haves. An increasing trend of bags with logos of fashion houses is another thriving tendency to consider this summer to stay on the top of the trends.


Continuing the theme of the voluminous garments trend, we need to notice that belts are another trendy summer accessory that adds further chic and charm to summer looks. When combined with voluminous garments belts- thin or massive add special accents to the silhouette. Boulder and more vivid belts, like models suggested by Versace Jeans couture add extra charm to the total look, while skinner models like the ones presented by Polo Ralph Lauren seem to be always in trend and easily combinable. In this case, you can use several belts simultaneously to add an additional layer and charm to the total look.


No matter how often fashion trends come and go, no summer look is complete without sunglasses. When it comes to sunglasses, designers traditionally rehash popular models of sunglasses, playing with the shape, color, and material of frames, adding details in the form of decor, and "repainting" the lens in all possible colors.

In the new collections, the geometry is not at all classical - the designers have gone all out, experimenting with new shapes and shades, just check out the impressive collections of Valentino and Giorgio Armani.

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