What to pack for a beach vacation: 7 tips to consider

What to pack for a beach vacation: 7 tips to consider

Summer is all in bloom and after months of hard work, it’s high time to meet the sea and wash off all the stress of the previous year. Still, to enjoy the long-waited vacation days to the fullest, it is necessary to carefully pack your suitcase before heading to the beach to be on the top of the fashion trends, meanwhile avoiding carrying your entire summer closet with you.

Read on the article to find our suggestions to compile a suitcase of totally versatile outfit items to ensure your comfortable and unforgettable rest.

Beachwear comes first!

It goes without saying that no beach vacation can be spent without a swimsuit. this is surely the case when the more is the better! As swimwear trends of 2021 mostly repeat that of last year with some slight upgrades, what we suggest to consider above all when shopping for these items is sure your body shape.

Experts state, that one-piece monotone swimwear can be ideal for curvy girls, a sling swimsuit might be the perfect choice for girls with rectangular body shapes while variations of bikinis may flatter girls with hourglass, rectangle, or ruler shape bodies.

Breezy dresses are a must!

Dresses are an inseparable part of the female wardrobe. And as femininity is always in fashion, a couple of beach dresses might be quite handy for the beach vacation as well. After all, chances are good that you will decide to visit cafes and restaurants, go sightseeing with your friends or join an evening concert during your vacation.

Lightweight and semi-transparent dresses of breathable natural fabrics and light shades that cheer the ease of movement will be just ideal for your perfect seaside style. Maxi dresses also go hand in hand with beach vacations. Shirtdresses with fine silhouettes and airy fabrics from Polo Ralph Lauren can be just perfect this season.

A tote bag to carry a universe to the beach

No summer look can be deemed to be final without accessories. Still, a bag for the beach vacation is more than just an accessory, rather, it is a must-have accessory. How else to carry all the necessary little things to the beach if not in a perfectly tailored designer tote bag? Durable cotton canvas tote bags with enough space to compile all your necessary items to the beach is quite a reversible item. 

Tote bags with blue stripes are seemed to be unconquerable when the theme of sea vacation is tackled- high end, beautiful, and memorable enough- these items are created to elevate beach outfits.

Comfy shoes to walk on

When it comes to the shoes for the beach, comfy sandals, flip-flops come to reestablish their place in the suitcase. As vacation deems total rest and comfort, high heels and uncomfortable models should be eliminated from your shopping list and replaced with wedges and espadrilles made of lightweight materials that will ideally complement the look and feel of your summer dresses.

A pair of swim shorts... or better two or three?

What about packing several pairs of denim and cotton shorts that will add surprisingly and effortlessly chic vibes and bright colors to your outfits? After all, summer requires bright colors above all and beachwear should be in harmony with them.

Oversized shirt for spicing up your looks

Lightweight oversize shirts are versatile items that come in handy and in style on the beach as well. Just undo the buttons of your favorite white or blue shirt, roll up the sleeves, and layer it with your bikini or blouse with shorts looks. These ultimately versatile items not only will guarantee your super cool and luxurious looks, but also will protect you from burning sun during the day and cool breeze in the evening.

Accessories to elevate your looks and mood

Hats and eyeglasses are the accessories one can't imagine a beach vacation without. These accessories not only can add extra charm and harmony to the overall look but will also protect the wearer from direct rays of the sun. When speaking about the trends of sunglasses, it should be noticed that sporty frames are especially in trend this season and meanwhile the retro rounds make a comeback.

As for the headwear, you can choose between classic straw hats, cotton hats, and caps and stay trendy as long as they complement your looks in the right way. Also, you need to consider that, this season, the use of scarves as headbands is quite trendy, so why not experimenting with different shades and shapes of Burberry or Armani fine scarves?

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